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Dougherty Valley GHAD

The Geologic Hazard Abatement District No.1990-01 (GHAD) is an independent governmental organization which was formed for the purpose of preventing, mitigating, abating, and controlling geological hazards. The City Council members serve as the GHAD Board of Directors and the District is managed by City staff. The GHAD boundaries include the West Branch area, located at Crow Canyon Road and Dougherty Road, Old Ranch Summit, and the Dougherty Valley totaling approximately 2,767 acres of open space. Funding for the GHAD is obtained through an annual assessment on properties located within the GHAD boundaries.


The City of San Ramon formed the GHAD in July 1990 and originally it included the West Branch area, located at Crow Canyon Road and Dougherty Road. During Fiscal Year 1997/98, the Board of Directors approved the annexation of the Dougherty Valley into the GHAD. In FY 2007/08 the Board of Directors approved the annexation of the Old Ranch Summit into the GHAD.

Engineer's Report

Annually, the Board adopts a budget for services required to maintain and monitor the GHAD. These include the preventing, mitigating, abating, and controlling of geologic hazards. All property owners within both West Branch, Dougherty Valley, and Old Ranch Summit pay an annual assessment.

Each fiscal year, the District Engineer prepares an Engineer’s Report which includes the budget for the GHAD for that year. The annual budget for the District consists of regular site monitoring, annual inspections by a geologist or geotechnical engineer, contract services for annual mitigation and repairs, and administrative costs. In addition to paying for the annual expenditures of the District, funds collected through this assessment are placed into a dedicated reserve fund. The reserve fund is set aside to be used to mitigate and repair large, geologic hazards, such as landslides.

Plan of Control

GHAD assessments are used to fund maintenance activities and projects as defined in the GHAD Plan of Control which is the legal document that states how the GHAD should be maintained. This includes hillside drainage, erosion repair on GHAD owned open space, and other projects such as repair of landslides and creek bank stability within Dougherty Valley, West Branch, and Old Ranch Summit. These features are included in the GHAD because they serve as amenities to the residents within the boundaries of the GHAD.

View the Plan of Control Report (pdf)

If you would like to view Appendix 1, 2 and 3, please contact the Engineering Services Department at (925) 973-2670.

For general information and information regarding assessments: (925) 973-2680
To report landslides, maintenance issues or for general information: Robin Bartlett, District Engineer
(925) 973-2683 or