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COVID-19 Updates

All of us from the City of San Ramon hope you are doing well as we move through these unprecedented times. Here is the most recent information we have as it pertains to the COVID-19 public health crisis:

Contra Costa County Health Services (CCHS) has an Emergency Operations Center in place and is closely coordinating with other local, State, and Federal agencies responsible for tracking and mitigating the outcomes of COVID-19. CCHS has also set up a website to provide accurate recommendations and timely updates for both local governments and the community at large.

It is essential to understand that the situation is continuously changing as CCHS reacts to new information. We recognize the significant impacts this is having on the community we serve.

The City of San Ramon's response has been and will continue to be thoughtful, calculated, deliberate, and in conformance with CCHS's professional recommendations. We are maintaining close coordination with CCHS to respond rapidly, as necessary, to ensure we minimize the disruption of services to the community, while also ensuring we do our part to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 according to the CCHS recommendations.

Remember, the best way to protect yourself and your loved ones is by:

  • Washing your hands often,
  • Wear a mask while in public places
  • Avoiding touching your face, and
  • Avoiding close contact with others.

CCHS has also set up an excellent webpage with more information on prevention.

Though there is cause for concern, there is no need for fear and panic to overwhelm our community. We encourage you to review the CCHS website, their recommendations for prevention, and continue to monitor the City of San Ramon communications. We will continue to send out these messages regularly and as information changes.

Basic hygiene practices and social distancing should go a long way in achieving the goal of mitigating the effects of this public health crisis. The primary concern, per the CCHS, is to intervene in the spread of the virus by slowing its progress. This concern is why you see such aggressive measures nationwide.

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Monday through Friday
10:00am to 4:00pm

 JULY - Parks Make Life Better Month with Agents of Discovery!

The City of San Ramon Parks & Community Services Department is celebrating July as Parks Make Life Better! Month. Summer fun is for everyone with the Agents of Discovery® in two of San Ramon’s great Parks. Agents of Discovery is a fun, interactive app where players assume the role of a secret “Agent” on a “Mission” as they complete site-specific, geo-triggered Challenges. Agents of Discovery® is an educational tech platform and app that uses the latest in augmented-reality to get youth and their families active and engaged with the world around them. This is a great activity kids can do outside while maintaining 6ft social distancing and being safe! 

Play with your friends and family—All ages

Download Agents of Discovery at Google Play or the Apple App Store



Aug 1 Outstanding Oaks
Oak trees are an important part of biodiversity with an estimated 600 species! Come learn about the Boundary Oak in San Ramon and make an oak tree craft to take home.

Aug 8 Era of the Iron Horse
Trains were and are a huge part of transporting food and other goods across the land. Learn the history of our local “iron horse”, the current trail, and make a train craft.

Aug 15 Bishop Bartletts
Learn about the history of Bishop Ranch—once noted as the largest Bartlett pear orchard in the world! Enjoy a tasting of this local fruit.

Aug 22 Farm Chores
Become a farm hand for a day and practice your skills with the corn planter, hand drill and grain grinder.

Aug 29 Quilting
Come and learn about the history of quilting and create your own paper quilt square

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